Unveiling the Feminine Mysteries

Substack Blog– Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

SHE is Here

SHE is here.
SHE is whispering in the ears of all those that
have been poised at the edge of HER ocean… awaiting this moment.
SHE is the flame that hides in every spiritual path…
lighting the way to the One that is in all.
The veils of patriarchal culture have kept HER hidden and
have destroyed HER body,
only in our minds.
Perhaps they felt they could keep HER repressed
for long enough to be forgotten.
But SHE has been hiding in plain sight,
in the warm cup of tea…
in the mother’s embrace…
in the stranger’s smile.
Thousands of women have died in HER name…
voicing HER wisdom and offering HER unparalleled love.
But we wait no longer…
we must move through the collective Feminine wounds and
realize we are poised at the precipice,
ready to break through the terror that has bound us.
We dive into HER… and
SHE empower me.
We surrender the fear…
the shame…
the isolation… the abandonment and
the powerlessness,
all mental constructs of the past.
SHE empower us.
We awaken to HER joy…
HER power…
HER courage…
and HER wild ecstatic presence within us!
It is time…
the revolution of the Feminine has begun.
I can feel HER coming through my heart…
through my soul and through my sacred body!
As I dive deeper and pledge my willingness,
SHE frees me from the constraints of the past…
into the bliss of the present.
Do we dare to listen and awaken to HER magic?
SHE is listening…
Waiting for you.

~leonor murciano-Luna

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