Practitioner Certification Program

LED by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Begins BELTANE May 2025

The Feminine Medicine Woman practitioner certification program, an immersive powerful 13 month program for Woman to reclaim their medicine & their magic, while ushering in the Feminine consciousness on the planet !

An initiation into the evolution of your Feminine Soul.

Our program is based on the reclamation of the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts & Feminine Wisdom that has been that has been lost for generations.

It is rooted in the Feminine Medicine healing system developed by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, in the last 25 years, weaving shamanic soul transformational practices, psychological underpinnings, somatic embodiment, mystical traditional medicine & spiritual energy healing systems ie., Sufi, Taoist & Vedic rooted in the primordial & esoteric teachings of the Great Mother.

What can I expect in this program….

The Feminine Medicine Woman practitioner course is not just a course about learning a new tool… it is a program that will initiate a new soul dimension for you, regardless of where you are, offering you a frame work to come into greater wholeness in your being. Through the 13 months, you will undergo a deep soul transformational healing process that is part of the evolution of our Feminine soul, as you release conditioning & collective trauma, and retrieve the aspects of your soul that have been in separation. Essentially, you become your own teacher, having fostered a deep resonate relationship with your soul, with your ancestral motherline, embodying the greater gifts of your soul essence, while deeply embodied in your physical reality.

We are in a time of great evolution on our planet… a time of Feminine awakening & Feminine sovereignty– and you are greatly needed on the planet at this time. You play a significant role in ushering in the embodied light… through your own evolution of your Feminine Soul.  As we do the individual soul work ourselves… an anchor in LOVE & SACREDNESS, we continue to heal personally and collectively, which further assists the change on the planet. 

If you have been called to heal… to be of service and feel the pull of the Feminine – Great Mother urging you… then here is where you can dive in to deepen your intimacy with your soul and the Great Mother… learn the ancient feminine healing arts to assist others in their Feminine evolutionary process and be part of the tribe ushering in the Light onto the planet. 

The Healers are needed now… and resurrecting the healing arts and wisdom of the Feminine… along with the magic and mystery is critical for the change on the planet. 

Pre-patriarchal times, in Paleolithic and Neolithic times… about 5000 years ago… women were the Medicine woman… the healer… the Shamans… the oracles… the seers… and the ones that held the bridge between the realms… of outer life and the mystery.  Women were the midwives and the death doulas, the herbalists, the priestesses, the ecstatic dancers and the sound healers. We were completely in union with our divine magic nature & our humanity. This is the path back to that alignment… coming home to ourselves this is the Feminine Path of the Medicine Woman.

The focus in the Feminine Medicine Woman practitioner course is threefold; to heal personally & collective trauma of the Feminine within us– to unite with our Ancestral Motherline and embody the gifts of our ancestors– and lastly to become a skilled practitioner in Feminine Healing arts to initiate others others into the evolution of the Feminine Soul and the planet

An overview of our 13 months together.







Our Curriculum

Below is a synopsis of some of the material, including the ancient Feminine Healing arts we will be focusing on and embodying throughout our journey.

Great Mother Remembrance
  • Feminine revolution & Feminine Era pre-patriarchal.
  • Evolution of Consciousness & Return of the Feminine.
  • Primordial force of the Great Mother.
  • What is your Medicine.
Healing Collective Trauma
  • Epigenetics
  • Awakening to the Feminine
  • Collective Trauma Healing
  • Healing Body & Mind & Soul
Universal Mothers & Cycles

Blood Mysteries & Body Wisdom

Voice Medicine & Sound Healing

Sacred Feminine Initiations

Matirja – Ancestral Motherline

Womb Mysteries

Feminine Soul Embodiment

Lunar Medicine

Personal Soul Healing Initiation

Practitioner Initiation

Mentorship & Certification


Live Weekly Classes & recordings

Personal Mentoring Sessions

Group Healing & Embodied Rituals  over Zoom offered weekly with immersion hours, once a month.

Individual Healing Sessions with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna for your healing journey.

Immersive (5) day retreat for deep healing & embodiment will be offered twice during training.

Group Healing gatherings during significant lunar & holy days.

Practicum experiences allowing for deep integration.

Complete Library of Learning Resources inc Course book, Videos, Recordings & relevant materials.


This professional certification program is as much a personal, transformational journey, as it a growth process in learning to bring forth your medicine in the world, anchored in the ancient wisdom traditions of the Feminine. It offers you an opportunity for you to evolve your Feminine Soul and guide many souls to peace- coming home to themselves– which is so needed at this time on Earth.

Conscious Feminine Medicine School of Healing Arts is part of the Conscious Feminine Medicine non for profit organization envisioning a world that is fully awakened to the Feminine. This will be the 2nd program offered, since its last inception from 2017-2019.

The full cost of the Certification program is $6500.00.

This includes all teachings, mentorships, personal healing, course work, with the exception of the room & board for the optional two retreats; mid-way through the course and at the end of the course.

Payment Plans & Scholarships

Payment plans unto 24 months are available. There is a $350.00 discount for payments in full. At this time scholarships are extremely limited, however, if you are interested in the program, but have financial need, please reach out to see if there is  some way to make it work for you; perhaps through a work exchange or a payment plan. 

Facilitated by Dr.Leonor Murciano-Luna

Leonor Murciano-Luna, PhD is an Holistic Doctor, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Acupuncture Physician, Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Sacred Sound Weaver, Artist and Author of several books on women’s healing via feminine spirituality and awakening. Luna has spent her life exploring the intersection of depth psychology, spiritual, mystical & esoteric traditions such as Daoist, Vedic, Sufism & Earth Wisdom until she finally was awakened to the lost ancient path of the Feminine. She is the founder of The FEMININE Path, a feminine spiritual path dedicated to reclaiming the ancient feminine medicine healing-wisdom that has been lost, suppressed and hidden by the current culture. She offers certification programs to women as FEMININE MEDICINE WOMAN, ushering in this next evolution of healing for ourselves and the planet. She is also the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, (501C) non-profit organization, Nourishing Women private practice and Mothers Hive Medicinals disseminating the BEE wisdom & EARTH wisdom for WOMB WELLNESS. Her vision is a world where the Sacredness & Sovereignty of women is honored through the reclamation of ancient Feminine Medicine Healing Wisdoms. More about Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna