Conscious Feminine Medicine


The Path of the Feminine believes that our present ecological crisis along with the pain and suffering in our human condition, which we are experiencing today is rooted in spiritual crisis.  This is a spiritual crisis which are rooted in the loss of the Feminine consciousness of the Divine, loss of our direct access and embodiment of the Divine and loss of the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine. The Feminine Path is here to restore these three aspects through the reclamation & embodiment of our Feminine Soul.  

Our Feminine Soul is the aspect of our Divine Nature that is embodied and present in all material manifestation, including ourselves… our body and all of creation. It is this very disconnection from our Soul, and from the realization that our Soul and our Divine consciousness is present right here, readily accessible through our instinctual, intuitive,, magical nature. It is the process of resacralization of the material world, including ourselves and our planet, Gaia.

  • Options to do the work of the Evolution of your Feminine Soul….

Various ways to engage in doing the work… here are some:

  • Workshops- Feminine Soul Day Retreats- Vacation Retreats

Listen to our videos on Nourishing Women channel  to get familiar with what is possible. We are in the process of updating our videos.

We believe we may have the key to the medicine you have been looking for, but how do you know? Dr. Murciano offers a free 30 minute personalized consultation to discuss your particular case and explore your options via phone 954.450.4548 or in person, [email protected]

We are looking forward to assisting you on your journey.

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