Reclamation of the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts, Wisdom & Mysteries

Conscious Feminine Medicine non-profit, 501(C)

The Feminine Path

The Feminine Path offers one day workshops, retreats and practitioner courses designed for us to REMEMBER the MEDICINE of who we are & through spiritual creative Feminine, through the sacred Feminine teachings of Conscious Feminine Medicine.

We offer one-day workshops, retreats & monthly community in person, for women to heal & embody our sacredness, as we weave all aspects of our creative soul into wholeness. This ‘Feminine Medicine’ is the shamanic, transformational soul path of our Ancestral Mothers… awaiting for us to reclaim it for ourselves … and for the world– it is the lost ancient path of the Feminine Healing Arts.

Feminine Healing Arts


Reclaiming the VOICE of the FEMININE 5 week WORKSHOP



Birthing LOVE- Fertility RESET WORKSHOP

LUNA- Dark MOON CIRCLE – monthly

Feminine Medicine Woman


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Feminine Medicine Woman is the Healer (Curandera) in indigenous cultures… the one that holds the Feminine Mysteries… of birth, death & rebirth the connection with our sacredness and our Feminine Soul.

We have forgotten our Mother-GODDESS, and we have forgotten our medicine.

This program is an initiation into FEMININE MEDICINE to heal, empower our hearts- wombs & soul… and support the return of our Soul to the world.

We work with the resurrection of the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts> Creative Art – Voice Medicine & Reflective Writing along with Feminine cycles of birth – death, rebirth, Grieving Medicine~ Earth Medicine ~ Lunar Medicine, Shamanic medicine, Sacred Drumming, Womb Mysteries, Blood Mysteries, Ancestral Motherline  ~ Wu Lineage Healers ~Sacred Feminine Initiations ~ Universal Mothers & the 7 dimensions of our Feminine Soul.

Ancestral Healing Motherline

Private one on one sessions now available for to support women in repair of the Motherline Lineage and their Ancestral Mothers.

Our ancestors Motherline is present with us… and we are able to tune in and work with our ancestors to reawaken the Feminine Mysteries and the Feminine wisdom that has been lost in the last 5000 years, living in a patriarchal culture. And… the pain and trauma that our Ancestral Motherline has endured is also living within us… until we repair it. Many of the patterns we experience as women; unworthiness, lack of safety, fear of speaking our truth, shame, powerlessness and fear in our body mind is rooted in the trauma of our past Mother lineage. It is possible to repair our ancestral lines, in order to restore them fully to the light, and reconnect with your team of loving powerful women, that are your direct ancestors.

If you are feeling the desire to connect more fully with your lineage… and heal your Motherline, reach out and let’s see what is possible. One on one work… and workshops are available and open to a small group of people. Email us directly to set up a free 15 minute consult to discuss your needs with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Feminine Medicine Retreats & Workshops

5-Day Retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina – focused on Menopause as the sacred initiation of power that it is. We will explore womb mysteries, and embodied Feminine practices as well as Body-Mind holistic practices, herbs , acupuncture, Grief ritual and Creative Art therapies to heal, activate & empower you during this sacred time.

2 hour workshop in person to merge with the lunar frequencies of death and rebirth. We will cultivate a sacred space to enter the ‘sacred dark of the womb’, ‘feel’ the burdens of our heart… and let the ocean of the holy take us into greater levels of LOVE… of the Cosmic Womb Mother.

5 Day Retreat in North Carolina mountains- focused on the expressive arts of Creative Painting- Voice Activation & Reflective Writing… as well as Womb Healing & Feminine Mysteries. During this retreat we will have time to explore the Goddess through the seven embodiments of our Feminine Soul – (Dark Mother- Creatrix- Medicine Woman- Cosmic Womb Mother- Wild Woman- Feminine Wisdom Keeper & Ecstatic Feminine ) while integrating with the creative- expressive arts to heal, activate & empower ourselves.

1 day Workshop- Painting the Face of the Feminine:Art-Meditation & Feminine Wisdom. No experience needed. Painting with Acrylic on canvas.

1 day Workshop- Feminine Medicine to grieve the loss and commune with the LOVE of the loss of the Feminine Collective Mother Culture & our Ancestral suffering of Women.

5 week program- for women– to reclaim their voice… by activating the seven dimensions within them and the 7 sacred sounds. We will engage in embodied Feminine practices– to activate our voice… for health & healing.

Feminine Medicine Festival …. coming soon 2025

Feminine Medicine

On-Demand Courses

Books~Art & Healers

Luna Mother Center

Our Mother Center – LUNA is coming soon….

offering a personal sacred retreat space

to nurture & nourish ourselves through

Earth Medicine,

personal ceremonies &

embodied ritual of the Feminine Path &

Remembrance of the Sacred Mother.

Leonor Murciano-Luna, PhD is an Holistic Doctor, Medicine Woman, Acupuncture Physician, Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Sacred Sound Weaver, Artist and Author of several books on women’s healing via feminine spirituality and awakening. Luna has spent her life exploring the intersection of depth psychology, spiritual, mystical & esoteric traditions such as Daoist, Vedic, Sufism & Earth Wisdom until she finally was awakened to the lost ancient path of the Feminine. She is the founder of The FEMININE Path, a feminine spiritual path dedicated to reclaiming the ancient feminine medicine healing-wisdom that has been lost, suppressed and hidden by the current culture. She offers certification programs to women as FEMININE MEDICINE WOMAN, ushering in this next evolution of healing for ourselves and the planet. She is also the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, (501C) non-profit organization, Nourishing Women private practice and Mothers Hive Medicinals disseminating the BEE wisdom & EARTH wisdom for WOMB WELLNESS. Her vision is a world where the Sacredness & Sovereignty of women is honored through the reclamation of ancient Feminine Medicine Healing Wisdoms. More about Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna


> the one that orients from Joy and Pleasure.


> SHE who embodies Her intuition and sees, hears, smells, feels and tastes directly through the soul of her being.


> SHE who knows the hidden dimension, behind the physical creation.


> SHE who knows that She is the unconditional Love.


> SHE who knows She is the secrets of Transformation, Transmutation & Alchemy.


> SHE who embodies the Creative Source within her.


> SHE who embodies the triptych cycles of life, death & rebirth.