Join us for a transformational journey into reclaiming your Voice — where you will explore your Voice – as a way to heal and play with the POWER OF SOUND… and frequencies that you already have!

Discover the power of primordial sound— sound from your voice- before the use of language… primordial sound carries frequencies of light that activates healing energetically and physically in our body mind. Studies show the power of sound and of singing… being used now to treat all sorts of physical, mental emotional disorders.

In this class I will also be weaving in the sacred drum– but our focus will be using your Voice and primordial sound in various ways to heal and alchemize the collective, ancestral lineage trauma that we carry. We will also be creating our own Feminine Medicine Songs- to heal and connect us with our Ancestors and the Wisdom Keepers.

5 WEEK PROGRAM- WEEKLY@ 5:00pm EST 05.15.24

Our voice is one of the greatest tools you posses to help you heal and feel empowered. Using your voice to chant, to sound out and release the constrictions and restrictions within, can further regulate and heal yourself on all levels, including emotional imbalances, physical imbalances, nervous system, womb, immune and much more. Everything in your body is affected by vibration and sound frequency.

Using your voice helps you to heal trauma, both small and great, that you may be holding personally… but more importantly, we can also free ourselves from ancestral trauma held in our lineage… the unconscious trauma that has been passed down in your female lineage; wounding of unworthiness, hopelessness, fear of speaking your truth, sovereignty of your own being, plus many others.As Women, it is time to reclaim our sovereignty and our full inheritance of our spiritual nature, and liberate ourselves from the collective trauma that we have been living in.

  • Activates altered states of consciousness.
  • Producing feelings of insight, certainty & Joy.
  • Produces ‘feel good’ hormones.
  • Improves intuition.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Lower’s blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety and depression, including stress by raising endorphins.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Induces a renewed sense of focus and clarity.
  • Helps to regulate the nervous system and release stress.
  • Harmonizes left and right side of brain, good for mental wellness.
  • Induces deep relaxation.

Did you know that the Frame Drum and singing has been used by women as a healing tool for thousands of years… ‘When the drummers were women’ book by Layne Redmond, details how women were the first drummers, dating back to 3000 BC., using frame drum to connect to the rhythm of our soul… to the rhythm of the Earth and bring us back into harmony.

During our class we will learn the strokes of the frame drum that correlate with the Elements, and each person will receive their Rhythm signature … according to their astrological chart, if they so wish. There is a specific placement for each of the planets, that correlate with the I-CHING hexagrams, and hold a secret rhythm that can be drummed. We will discuss these in class… and practice a rhythm or two for healing in each class.

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