Liberate Your Voice On DEMAND 5 week



‘Liberate Your Voice’ is a recorded 5 week program from a live class in 2023 with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, that contains 5 teaching (90+ minute) videos plus the introduction video, as well as a PDF Liberate Your Voice manual with week to week instructions and practices to enjoy.

In this course you will learn all five strokes of the drum that correlate with the elements, as well as using your voice and tones to create ‘Feminine Medicine Songs’ to express your unique style.

In the 5 weeks you will dive into a fun-filled program to help us heal via the Sound of our own Voice & the Frame Drum!

Discover the magic and sacredness of our Voice & Frame Drum and the reason its been used in healing rituals since the beginning of time! This is the lost medicine of ancient Feminine Wisdom.

Activating Your Voice…

Our voice is one of the greatest tools you posses to help you heal and feel empowered. Using your voice to chant, to sound out and release the constrictions and restrictions within, can further regulate and heal yourself on all levels, including emotional imbalances, physical imbalances, nervous system, womb, immune and much more. Everything in your body is affected by vibration and sound frequency.

Using your voice helps you to heal trauma, both small and great, that you may be holding personally… but more importantly, we can also free ourselves from ancestral trauma held in our lineage… the unconscious trauma that has been passed down in your female lineage; wounding of unworthiness, hopelessness, fear of speaking your truth, sovereignty of your own being, plus many others. As Women, it is time to reclaim our sovereignty and our full inheritance of our spiritual nature, and liberate ourselves from the collective trauma that we have been living in.

Frame Drum as a Sacred Healing tool…

Did you know that the Frame Drum has been used by women as a healing tool for thousands of years… ‘When the drummers were women’ book by Layne Redmond, details how women were the first drummers, dating back to 3000 BC., using frame drum to connect to the rhythm of our soul… to the rhythm of the Earth and bring us back into harmony.

During our class we will learn the strokes of the frame drum that correlate with the Elements, and each person will recieve their Rhythm signature … according to their astrological chart, if they so wish. There is a specific placement for each of the planets, that correlate with the I-CHING hexagrams, and hold a secret rhythm that can be drummed. We will discuss these in class… and practice a rhythm or two for healing in each class.

Drumming is one of medicines of the lost Ancient Feminine Wisdom”

Health Benefits from Sound Healing thru our Voice & Drumming…

Lower’s blood pressure

Reduces anxiety and depression, including stress by raising endorphins, double one’s alpha brain wave.

Drumming boosts immune system.

Induces a renewed sense of focus and clarity.

Improves intuition.

Induces deep relaxation.

Helps control chronic pain.

Boost immune system.

Helps to regulate the nervous system and release stress.

Creates sense of connectedness and aligns body, mind and natural world.

Drumming produces a natural high, increasing alpha brain waves, producing waves of wellbeing and euphoria that helps to treat depression, anxiety and any mental illness.

Generates new neural pathways, therefore increasing your brains neuroplasticity and ability to shift perspectives, learn new things, and heal from trauma.

Increases brain auditory and motor cortex which increases brain learning capacity.

Induces new neuronal connection in all parts of the brain which leads to greater integration into wholeness and self-awareness.

Activates altered states of consciousness.

Drumming synchronizes the lower areas of the brain (non-verbal) with frontal cortex language and reasoning, producing feelings of insight and certainty.

Harmonizes left and right side of brain, good for mental wellness, coordination, balance.