Dr. Murciano-Luna, PhD, author of “Birth of the Conscious Feminine- a new era of Feminine Sovereignty & Evolution of the Feminine Soul- lunar journal”, is the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, (501C) a non-profit organization dedicated to a world where the Sacredness & Sovereignty of women is honored through the reclamation of Feminine Wisdom and the ancient Feminine Healing Arts. Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is a Spiritual healer & teacher, Artist, and Holistic Doctor in service to resurrecting the Medicine of the Feminine… and supporting women to find their greatest JOY… as an expression of the Creative Feminine Source.

Through her personal journey of healing body and psyche… Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna reached a dead end with the spiritual practices and teachings she had been exploring for over 20 years.  She knew there was more, something that spoke to her as a woman… and that didn’t leave out the body, but there was no model for it.  In 2010, right after a few years of an intense Kundalini awakening and dark night of the soul that took place for and a life altering 4 years, she began receiving the messages of Feminine consciousness… that were different than anything she had experienced before.  

This was the beginning of her journey of an intense intimate relationship with the Feminine and the Great Mother.  Receiving the Feminine transmissions was a process of complete surrender, going inward and deeply listening to find the jewels within. She realized that her previous 25+ years of spiritual transformation in the Taoist, Vedic and Sufi traditions, in many ways had paved the way and that in reality, the Essence that is woven into all these masculine spiritual traditions is really the Feminine Essence, which has been obscured for the last 5000+ years. The Feminine Principle is at the core of all the spiritual traditions… and existed for thousands of years, before patriarchy covered it up and created separation from our true Divine nature. The Feminine consciousness is alive within all these traditions that have been created over Her, trying to replace the all encompassing life giving Essence of the Mother by a distant man in the sky.  The Feminine Consciousness is awaiting our reclamation of her… for all of humanity.  It is not only the salvation we have been waiting for… but it is the healing that we need at this ecological and social crisis period, if we are to survive.  Reclaiming our divine nature and the divine nature of all of creation, is critical for our survival on planet Earth.

From these teachings of the Feminine, everything changed… and thus she felt compelled to bring these hidden teachings into the world… so that all women can restore their sanity, sacredness & their true value. The Feminine consciousness teachings are here to help us all heal from the past trauma and femicide of the last 5000 years of patriarchal rule, supporting women to heal, transform and empower themselves. These teachings have become the foundation of Conscious Feminine Medicine and given birth to THE FEMININE PATH.  

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, non profit organization, dedicated to healing & empowering Women spiritually to end Femicide on the planet. Dr. Murciano supports women on their  soul healing journeys individually and also teaches the THE FEMININE PATH Conscious Feminine Medicine through her books, art, workshops, retreats, including her certification program “Feminine Medicine Guides for women aspiring to become healers and guide humanity in this critical shift of consciousness. 

Assessment Session

with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

If you want more information… and are not sure how to move forward on your healing journey, or even become a Feminine Medicine Woman, you can book an FREE ASSESSMENT CONSULT with Dr. Murciano-Luna to assess what you are needing and see what may be the right fit for you. There is a $55.00 reservation fee to hold the appointment time. The complete amount will be applied towards any program or purchase thereafter.

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Psycho- Spiritual Somatic Therapy session

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Psycho-Spiritual Somatic Therapy  is a 90 min somatic healing process, pioneered by Dr.Leonor Murciano-Luna, designed to address, transform and embody the deeper core soul wounding that we may be carrying personally and collectively. These sessions are individually guided and also address the disconnection that women have endured from their Sacred Feminine Essence.   It addresses physical, emotional and mental dysfunctions and imbalances of all types, especially in times of Personal, Spiritual & Health crisis.  Book directly here.  Book your Psycho-Spiritual Somatic therapy here. 

Feminine Astro- Signature Healing session 

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Engage in a 60 min. private Feminine Astro- Signature & Embodiment healing coaching session with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, which explores astrologically what your greatest feminine and feminine lineage karma is… and begin clearing it from your psyche today. Using Astrology … feminine astroids… & your gene key shadows we can see where your feminine lineage karma and shadows what your soul came in to clear in this lifetime. Complete this session with a feminine healing that allows you to access the wisdom of your feminine soul… through your body and learn your very own lunar drum rhythm according to your birth astrology & genekeys! 60 [email protected] Book your Feminine Astro-Signature session HERE>

Voice Activation – Sacred Sound Healing 

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Engage in a 60 min. private Voice Activation & Sacred Sound Medicine session, which will focus on activating all your chakras with sound… while clearing and healing any blockages on your energy and meridian systems.  Empower your voice, activate your Innate Soul Song… while chanting and toning with your souls vibrations and frequencies.  This session is good to heal physically any blockages with thyroid… voice empowerment… clearing self esteem and unworthiness blockages… and ancestral trauma.  Also good to empower you to step into your voice, your purpose and your gifts, balancing Feminine and Masculine energies within. 60 minutes @199.00. Book your Session HERE>

Ancestral Motherline Collective Trauma Healing

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Learn how to restore the connection with your Ancestors- how to work with them… and how to heal the lineage & ourselves. Our Ancestors live within us…. in our DNA. The trauma and the gifts are all present within us… and so as we heal our lineage, we heal ourselves… and we become the face of our ancestors. Healing the collective trauma that we, as women, have experienced… especially those that have died tragically, is critical to the healing of our lineage and ourselves. Reuniting with our Matirja (Motherline) & healing the trauma of the dead frees us and frees them, so that we can embody the gifts & wisdom of our Ancestors. 90 min session $249.00 Book your session HERE>

Feminine Art Workshops

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Art of the Feminine workshops including painting with the Feminine & working with our Ancestral medicine, Sound Healing & Feminine Activations. These workshops designed to heal your heart & express your greatest JOY… in connection with the Creative Feminine consciousness.

Check them out here: HERE> 

Voice Medicine Workshops

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

EVERYONE IS A SINGER! Discover the power of primordial sound— sound of your voice– before the use of language that we know now… primordial sound carries frequencies of light that activates healing energetically and physically in our body mind.  Find more information HERE> 

Conscious Feminine Medicine – Feminine Healing Arts School


Certified Practitioner course begins Feb 2024.

by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Begin your Feminine Path Journey… re-awakening to your Creative Feminine Soul… and healing the wounds of the Feminine within you! Step into our programs and explore our Feminine Medicine Guide certification program in order to become the Feminine Medicine WOMAN of your time!  The world needs more powerful women, that are willing to be of service to the Feminine Consciousness arising on our planet now! Details here>>> 

Birth of the Conscious Feminine – a new era of Feminine Sovereignty

Book Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Birth of the Conscious Feminine offers women a NEW path forward and acts as a guide to help women reclaim their Feminine sovereignty, consciously. Through the Sacred Initiations of the Feminine, you enter a journey that unveils the great, sacred mystery that lives within you and helps you to break free from collective wounds of the past, and patterns that keep your true Essence hidden. Furthermore, Dr. Murciano guides us to gently drop into the ecstatic, unrelenting love of the Great Mother, where you awaken to your own magnificence, sacred power and true medicine. Birth of the Conscious Feminine proposes a transformational healing map for women, that weaves together ancient healing traditions, pre-Daoist, Vedic, Sufi teachings, esoteric knowledge, Quantum science, somatic practices and presence within a Feminine paradigm of the Great Mother.  Purchase book HERE>.

Evolution of the Feminine Soul- Lunar Journal

Book Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 

We are poised at the edge of a new wave that is sweeping the world. This is the wave of the Feminine, and She is being birthed through you! The ‘Evolution of the Feminine Soul, ~transformational journal for women awakening to the Feminine’ offers us as women, an opportunity to consciously explore the rise of the Feminine and reclaim our forgotten Truth. Every day, during the 30 days of the Moon’s cycle, you will explore the principles of the Feminine, through the 13 pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine. Purchase journal book HERE>. 

Out of Darkness- SHE Speaks

Anthology of Poetry and Paintings by Leonor Murciano-Luna 

This rich anthology of poetry and artwork has been inspired by the hidden and lost truths of the Feminine, once known as the Great Mother. ‘SHE SPEAKS’ transports you into the deep mystery of the Great Mother, from where Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna communicates the ancient Feminine wisdom, allowing us to remember these truths deeply rooted in our sacred being. 


Conscious Feminine Medicine- You Tube Channel 

Conscious Feminine Medicine offers a large array of videos on CFM teachings and Embodied practices, featuring Dr. Murciano on our YOU-TUBE CHANNEL.

These videos are updated frequently with current information and practices that are relative to our personal lives and to the unfolding of the Conscious Feminine Medicine teachings. Listen here, engage in a meditation, somatic embodiment and receive the transmissions now available, from the Feminine.